I´m back

If you have missed my byline in The Topeka Capital-Journal, it is because I am no longer at the newspaper, which had been my employer for nearly 32 years.. My last day on the job was Jan. 3, 2017, because some staff and coverage reorganization eliminated my position as arts & entertainment editor.

While my career at The Capital Journal is over, I am not ready to completely give up covering Topeka´s vibrant arts & entertainment scene, which has been my focus for the last 21 years.

That is why I am launching this TopekaOnStage blog, as wells as doing some freelance work with Kerrice Mapes and her seveneightfive magazine. (Look for some profiles and photographs by me in the February/March edition of seveneightfive magazine, which will be their annual ¨Women Who Rock¨ issue.)

Meanwhile, as my wife Maryanne Esteban and I work to sell our house so we can downsize and reduce our monthly expenses on our way to full retirement, I am going to continue to use my photography and writing skills to cover and promote arts & entertainment in Topeka and the surrounding area. I hope to be able to do that for as long as I can.

In order to support this effort, I will be selling photographs, both images you can download for posting to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, as well as prints suitable for framing. I appreciate you taking a look at them on my photo site and consider purchasing some so I can continue to support Topeka arts & entertainment scene through TopekaOnStage. (Also, if you like this blog, donations also are welcome.)

Please tell your friends and anyone interested in local arts & entertainment about TopekaOnStage so I can build enough of a following so perhaps I can sell advertising to support this blog.

Thank you for your support and friendship all these years. I look forward to working with you and for you for some time to come.


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